relax, release & let go


During the course of your program, we hope to empower you with ‘knowledge’

“For as he thinks within himself, so is he.”
King Solomon

During a selection of five educational workshops, you will learn about true health and healing from a very basic point of view… simple foods, simple exercise and simply caring about yourself. We will explain everything from why certain foods are better for you, why your body products or your unbalanced lifestyle may be giving you headaches or worse, serious disease! Most importantly, we will be equipping you with the tools to transform your lifestyle following your program!

Our Workshop topics include:

  • Nutrition; the Fundamentals – You are what you eat!
  • What’s really in our Food and how is it affecting our health?
  • The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush
  • Everything you need to know about administering a colonic!
  • Parasites – Eating us Alive!

“I feel thoroughly cleansed throughout and I have learned so much about lifestyle, nutrition and the digestive process.” Paps (UK)

“Kim’s workshops have helped me learn more about the good and bad things I can do for myself. I’m now armed with a still-growing action plan which will, I hope, help me to keep my mind and body in its newly detoxed state.”
Lucy (London)

“I love the fact that while you are here being looked after by a team of wonderfully talented people, you slowly learn how to change old bad habits into positive new goals”
Doe (USA)

“The lessons we learned from Kim are invaluable, from nutrition to parasites, yoga to positive mental attitude – it has surpassed all expectations. Thank you.”
Emily Davies (UK)