Weight Loss Program

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Weight Loss Program…

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By visiting Samui Detox, you’ll be taking a huge step towards change, one that will help you take your nutrition, and your eating to an entirely new level of self-control.

Losing weight and keeping it off are not simply matters of eating less and exercising more (although both are crucial), but of changing the particular psychological, behavioural and environmental factors that cause you to overeat in the first place.

Everything you’ll discover at Samui Detox will be based on the premise that the power to change your weight and your health lies solely within you. When you start the program, you’ll begin to rid yourself of negative thinking, heal yourself of emotions standing in the way of a healthy relationship with food, create a no-fail environment, shape your eating behaviour into what you need for lifetime weight control, get real about nutritional choices that worked to your detriment, change your priorities to include exercise and plug into a circle of support for encouragement and accountability. In short, it will teach you how to change the way you’ve been living.

The first part of the process will be to ‘let go’ of the fad, ‘flavour of the month’ type diets you’ve probably tried in the past – diets that promised you a shortcut but sent you down a dead-end road to failure instead. These diets can leave you weighing in much heavier than usual, with a pile-up of not just pounds but discouragement over your repeated failures.

It’ll be time to discover that nutritionally, the solution for successful weight loss depends on:

‘MODERATION’ – moderate carbohydrates, moderate proteins and moderate fat.

When you arrive at Samui Detox, we will determine the healthiest and most realistic weight for YOU – based on your height, your bone structure and your sex. It’s not necessarily the weight of your youth, but rather a state of health and well-being that is in harmony with how YOU are physically and genetically configured. It is the weight that is ‘right’ for you – a stable, comfortable weight, at which you look good, feel good and lovingly accept yourself inside and out.

Following this assessment, we will take you through a highly structured three-stage plan:

Stage 1

Calorie Controlled Healthy Eating:

Healthy EatingThis first healthy eating stage will help you gear your body for accelerated weight loss. It will initiate the process of ‘choice-shift,’ in which your taste preferences for high-sugar, high-fat foods will begin to change to a preference for healthier foods. It will keep your blood sugar steady, so that you’re less vulnerable to cravings. In addition, it will help you settle into a more disciplined eating program.

Design & Implementation of an Intentional Exercise Workout Strategy:

Exercise is now counted as one of the top lifestyle factors to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. But the problem is most people have become exercise-averse. If this description fits you then feel reassured that we will not be asking you to spend hours working out, quite the contrary, we will teach you about body control – the power to keep pounds at bay with a maximum-results work out strategy that you can start slowly and continue at your own pace.

Right Thinking:

In order for you to overcome your weight challenges, you have to first know exactly where you are with your weight loss struggles. Everything you are and do begins with your ‘personal truth’ i.e. whatever it is about yourself and your weight problem that you have come to believe in. For instance, if you believe with utmost certainty that you will fail and never ever be able to manage your weight then failure is what your personal truth dictates to you. What’s more, your personal truth will show up shame, guilt, hurt, self-hatred and other critical voices that do nothing but drag you down. As a result of every thought you have there is a corresponding physical reaction – reactions that may suppress your energy and prevent you from having what you truly want.

If you personal truth is riddled with counterproductive thoughts, our first job is to help you discard all the toxic messages and replace them with realistic and positive thoughts.

Overcoming Triggers:

Many people eat as a way to medicate themselves, usually in a response to negative emotions such as anger, guilt, loneliness, stress or boredom. Equally however, people eat in response to positive emotions such as happiness and joy and in doing so a strong emotional attachment to food is developed.

By unlocking the door to the reasons why you eat and when you eat, we will help you gain ‘emotional control’ and teach you to break the cycle of over-eating in response to emotions and stress. Whilst you can’t eliminate emotional triggers and stress, you can learn to use counterproductive responses to life’s challenges and gain a new sense of control over your eating.

Stage 2:

Fasting & Cleansing:

Fasting & CleansingPeople today are not simply becoming overweight due to overeating or a lack of exercise but also as a result of toxicity. Our bodies are being exposed to an array of pollutants from the chemicals used in processed foods, drinks, clothing, body & household products, from pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, polluted air and water. These toxic synthetic chemicals are highly fat soluble and when we are exposed to them the body creates fat to safely store the toxins it cannot process or eliminate safely. Our muscles are also damaged and our hormones disrupted hence our metabolic processes can be inhibited and our body’s own natural slimming system halted.

By incorporating a Fasting & Cleansing element to your program, your body will be purged of these accumulated toxins and acid wastes. Your entire excretory system will be cleansed and rejuvenated, clogged bowels will be cleared of up to 6 kg (12 pounds) of mucoid material, dirty lymph and blemished skin will be cleaned and dirty kidneys and bladders will be flushed out.

Stage 3:

Breaking Fast:

Calorie ControlledFollowing a fast an interesting phenomenon occurs – the years of conditioning your body to tolerate unhealthy foods is reversed!

When waking up a rejuvenated digestive system the flavours and textures of food will be enhanced. Eating becomes a brand new experience and during this phase of the program you’ll be able to flex your new-found muscles of discipline and self-control.


Cardio / body conditioning classes with a Personal Trainer:

Through low impact aerobics and body conditioning classes we will help you to sculpt and tone your body.

Designing an Action-Orientated Plan:

At Samui Detox, our goal is to help you free yourself forever from the struggles of weight loss. We will help you design a plan which will keep you going even when you don’t feel like it. You don’t need willpower – this is an unreliable emotional fuel that drives you when you are excited, motivated or energised. What you do need is a proper plan – a method by which you can program yourself to make small, deliberate modifications in the way you live your life. The essence lies within developing a lifestyle that creates healthier behaviour.