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Pain Free

I came on the recommendation of friends. As a medical doctor, I hope a fairly open minded one, I was not expecting much other than a bit of weight loss and a relaxing holiday. How wrong can you be! Within 2 weeks of detox, daily massage and yoga, my chronic back problems are settled. complications from old orthopedic surgery are sorted and food cravings gone. I am definitely making dietary changes when I return and also aim to find a yoga class.

I'll be recommending Samui Detox to others and plan to return myself in 18 - 24 months time (of sooner if I can) to make sure I keep on track.

Kim - keep up the good work! Your obvious belief and sincerity in what you teach is what makes this place so effective as well as your superb and dedicated staff. I will be in touch as promised.

love, Mavis

Mavis December 3, 2018

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The Best Detox Centre

After researching lots of detox places, Samui Detox was the one that stood out from the rest and this is where I ended up and it's one of the best things I ever did.

It was tough going at times but everything I went through was well worth the results. Thanks so much to Kim, the most inspirational person I've ever met. Your knowledge, support, kindness and humour really got me through!

Everyone here is absolutely fantastic! All so helpful - nothing is ever too much trouble and they all do it with genuine care and concern.

Overall, a fantastic week made easy by great company, a fun day out and tremendous support.

Weight Loss - 10 lbs in 7 days. Waist shrank by 7 cm!

Hope to see you all again, love Rachael.

Rachael December 3, 2018

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What a Fantastic Program!

I am going to miss this place so much! Coming here was such an enlightening experience. I learned so much about health & nutrition from Kim. She was so soothing and calm explaining foreign things like colonics and liver flushes. I was a lettle nervous of my first colonic & liver flush but Kim explained them in such detail that I could comfortably and confidently do them. I have to say, I'm actually going to miss the colonics!

With each day of my cleanse, I felt like a brighter, happier person. When I came here, I was not happy about myself and had come from working out and eating regularly to not taking care of myself at all. Doing the program has given me knowledge and confidence that I can once again carry out a healthy lifestyle. Kim taught me what kinds of foods I should put into my body and has helped me to see that my goals can become a reality. I thank her for that.

The staff here are absolutely amazing and so attentive. I love everyone.

The massages every day were absolutely divine. The morning walks left me feeling exhilarated and the daily yoga helped me to stretch out my tight body.

If you really want to change your lifestyle, this is the best place to come to.

Thank you Kim & Gee for your all of your help & support. Your program has exceeded all of my expectations and I will be recommending you to all of my friends and family.

Terra (Wasilla, Alaska)

Terra December 3, 2018

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Best Investment of my lifetime!

I agree 100 % with what everyone said! It is an absolutely amazing place and the people are great and very hospitable! I will surely go again!

Thanks Kim and co. You guys are the best!!

Ahmed Rahman December 3, 2018

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I spent a 7 weeks at Samui Detox, I was approx 118 kgs when I arrived. I was bloated, stomach ache daily,tired, I felt like no matter what diet I tried I simply couldn't lose enough to keep myself motivated. The owner Kim was well educated , but more importantly she understood what we were going through on our detox journey, she was passionate in sharing her information with us. She answered all our questions and I felt confident that she did not give us any advice/info that she herself had not had experience with. The nutrition workshops were great. I came away learning to be more patient with myself.. what foods do what to my body, a greater understanding of my internal system, new recipes. Since being home as of end August, I have lost 2 more kilos & embraced much of what I learned at the resort, recipes, more water intake, swapping certain foods, enemas, and the result is..... I feel better..more energy and for the 1st time in a long time I feel confident that I can stick to my new regime. I highly recommend Kim to you, no question is a silly question and the detox for 1st timers can be daunting but Kim will look after you.When I left I was 100kilos, and altho I got out of it what I put into it, I would like to thank Kim for her help.

Teigh December 3, 2018

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“It is hard to express just how awesome an experience coming to Samui Detox has been for me…AGAIN! I came here for the first time a year ago, fasting for 24 days and cleansing my body of 29 years of toxins. I walked off the plane in Boston and sent by friends and family into a flurry of tears and joy. Never in my life had I felt so fresh, so NEW!

While it was a feeling I worked hard to keep forever, my propensity for hard living brought me back, and these last two weeks have been indescribably rejuvenating.

Coming here was like coming home, Kim & Gee with open arms and minds ready to accept whatever was coming. Their holistic approach with fasting and exercise for the body, very informative workshops for the mind and yoga & meditation for the soul, addressed the detoxification needs of every aspect of my person. They and their amazing staff engendered a wonderful sense of community among the fellow fasters and the individual attention they give to each person makes you feel like you really have a loving authority to turn to at any time.

Living a healthy life is not necessarily easy – in fact, changing from a life of excess to a life of healthy moderation is DAMN HARD, but it can be done. Samui Detox is the place where you will gain the knowledge and the tools to accomplish that goal.

I leave today, confident in my ability to continue eating and living healthily until I reach my goal. I am 5 kilos lighter in physical weight and immeasurably lighter mentally and emotionally.

After Kim’s individually tailored planning sessions (and killer workouts – she puts the Biggest Loser trainers to shame!) I am ready, if not excited to re-enter the real world.

Thank you, Kim, Gee, Ouu, Oo, Bon, Ta, Pot and Samui Detox for EVERYTHING, most importantly a clean slate. I will miss you all and the serenity of your beautiful resort…expect to see me again, AND again AND again!

Nicole Poirier (USA) December 3, 2018

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“This has been my second visit to Samui Detox which says so much more than the following ramblings. My main goal here was not to lose weight (except the baggage I carry around with me) but to just take a break from the excess lifestyle I live. Leaving Samui Detox and stepping back into the real world is probably harder than the fasting for 10 days, but I do so ‘a refreshed, revitalized, refocused non-smoker!’

Thank you, Kim, Gee and the rest of your fabulous team for providing such a wonderful sanctuary in which this is possible. Kim, your zest for life is an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work.”

Andrew (Koh Samui) December 3, 2018

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I arrived at Samui Detox physically and mentally toxic. Two weeks later – thanks to the dedication of Kim and her excellent team – I am leaving feeling cleansed and healthier than I have felt in ten years.

I recommend this program to anyone who is stressed out and needs time to re-program their body and mind. I will be telling all my friends and family and I’m definitely planning on coming back in the future – that’s if I can get a room! Thanks again and best wishes,”

Andy Atkinson (UK) December 3, 2018

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“It works – it does what it says on the tin – the proof is in the pudding, you are what you eat…”

Wow, whichever way you look at it, I am living proof that the hype is true. A little skeptical to start, I have to admit, but what a life changing experience. I’ve zapped, fasted, steamed – done the lot – and the results… you asked….

Having thrown myself into this 110% - the results have proved it was all worthwhile. A 27 year old, working the city lifestyle, lunches, dinners, endless entertaining, drinking too much, I certainly lived the live. The years I had noticed were certainly taking their toll – endless fatigue, numerous symptoms that doctors couldn’t diagnose. 2 trips to Kenya had left me with ‘suspected malaria,’ 3 trips to the tropical disease lab and the result was a potential diagnosis of ME…

Well how wrong they all were. After one zap, I was introduced to a new found ‘friend’ who had clearly been living the life of riley, ‘parasite me buttercup’ this zapping malarkey works! A few friends followed but Kim can update you!

As for the liver flush - well how bad could that be post Wilma & Wally the worms? Well the fun didn’t end – hundreds of gallstones – boulder sized – bigger than you (me too for that matter!) could ever imagine possible…The effect, sparkling white eyes, an amazing abundance of energy and a new lease on life.

A wake-up to the fact that life needs to change, but I couldn’t think of a better way and place to do it. Kim & Gee, thank you so much - for the wake-up call – for taking me through this and for the endless support. A great team, a beautiful location and an experience I’ll never forget.

Life is short – make sure you live it but live it well

Sandy (London) December 3, 2018

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“When I arrived at Samui Detox, I could barely walk. All my joints were aching – ankles, knees, hips, even wrists. Each step was painful. Yesterday, after 14 days at Samui Detox, I had a 90 minute brisk walk ending with the steep hill and the steps of the Samui Detox staircase. One hour later, I was having a 60 minute ‘body combat’ workout – I have my joints back, my stamina back, and my health back. This is how I feel.

As far as measurably results are concerned, I lost 18 pounds in 14 days, my blood pressure went from 150 /100 to 133 / 93, I lost 4% visceral fat, 3 % body fat and 7 cm off my waistline - Amazing!!!

So I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all the Samui Detox family: Kim (dedicated, kind and extremely professional), Gee (a man with a different story to tell), Pot (Tom Yum Kung!), Manny (a wonderful masseuse), Bon (firm but extremely talented masseuse). You are all the kindest and smiliest people I’ve ever met. Congratulations to our maid for the elephant towel folding!

Last but not least, it was a lot of fun, in a secluded paradise with surreal views over the sea, the nearby Islands and the jungle. Fantastic journey to health.”

All the best, Nicolas (France) December 3, 2018

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Dear Kim & Team,

Left it to the last minute to write this review. About to leave for the airport. Just had my fruit to break my fast after a 7 day detox. This is my second time here at Samui Detox and the fact that I could not wait after the first detox to come back again just speaks for itself.

I chose Samui Detox for the first time because it seemed small and all the activities were included. I did not want to go to a big resort and then struggle with putting my program together. I was not disappointed. In fact, my first stay here exceeded my expectations. This time around, my results after the detox were even better than last time. I guess it takes a lot of time and effort to reverse the damage I have done over the years with an unbalanced diet and too much social drinking.

The staff is always exceptional here. Thank you everyone for making the detox bearable when the going was tough and always having a smile for your guests. Thanks, Kim, your program is truly outstanding and for anyone who wonders why they are doing this – just keep going! The results are worth it.

Lost a much needed 4.8 kg and 4 cm off my waist. This will give me a good kick start for a healthier lifestyle back home. Thanks again. All the best, keep doing what you are doing – a wonderful job!

Wiebe Kleine (Germany) December 3, 2018

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My 3rd visit to Samui Detox… and it was yet another incredible journey. The team is (as always) superb! Very caring and thoughtful – a huge thanks to them.  The group was lovely, which always helps to make the process more bearable. Unfortunately, I did not pass any worms; although I was convinced the mucas from all the cheese I eat was ‘Whipworm.’ I lost 10 pounds and 2 ½ inches from my waist. I’m all fired up and ready to take on London again.

Kim & Gee have such a well thought out program here…. Thank you so much!  I am leaving a very happy and a much lighter person with a much cleaner liver. Probably about 700 gallstones!

Lots of love, Lauren (London) December 3, 2018

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Kim & Gee,

What a truly wonderful team you make. I have been totally looked after in every way and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience, love & support. You have my utmost respect. After completing two other fasts & detox programs in Thailand I can honestly say I have learned more and enjoyed my experience here far more.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Oh and I am a new Yoga Girl AND I walk out of here 1 stone 3 lb lighter and 4 ½ inches smaller around the waist. Fabulous!

Lisa (UK) December 3, 2018

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I wanted a lifestyle change and this prompted me to start looking at the detox. Your website and clear concise write up sold me on your setup first. Your prompt and polite replies to my questions sealed the deal. My biggest concern when coming over was the state of my bum when coming back, ha ha!! My blood pressure records show me at my highest point when I arrived and it rapidly went down to the best levels I have ever seen through the week.

Loved your facilities, your people were so polite and helpful, and the others who’d signed up for the course with me were great company. I’m doing my measurements tomorrow before leaving so not sure how much I’ve lost, but my pants don’t fit already so I know things have happened well this week.

Keep going Kim, your set up is fantastic, and I will definitely be sending friends over.

Michael Warren (Asia) December 3, 2018

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When I arrived at Samui Detox I was informed that they do not (want me to) focus on weight loss, rather on improving my health. If weight loss is a by-product of good health, well then I will focus on good health!

It has been an amazing peaceful retreat. The time has flown and I can’t remember being hungry at all. As my fast progressed I got more energy. There is not much free time here as there are loads of scheduled activities which are good as it keeps you busy. The activities are all geared towards weight loss, I mean good health! Daily, walks, massage, yoga etc…! Not to mention the steam room! I was coached by Gee to spend more and more time each day in the steam room. He assured me it promotes weight loss, I mean good health!

Anyway, a few days into my fast I discovered I had intestinal flukes – these were eliminated in my colonic. After the liver flush I found another parasite and now I am free of the critters! I will continue to zap and get rid of any remainders!

In addition, I lost 23 pounds in 13 days! My body feels completely new. The fat around my face has disappeared and I certainly achieved my weight loss goal. But the biggest bonus is my health! I intend to guard my health like a new born baby. Kim has educated me on all aspects of nutrition and I feel equipped to take the baby into the big brave world with this clean slate I will effortlessly shed the remaining excess baggage.

I must also mention that each and every one of the staff is amazing! Thank you so much!


P.S. I will be back with my mother

P.P.S. My blood pressure went from 144/93 to 125/85. I have stopped taking allergy antihistamines and I don’t have any symptoms.

Casper December 3, 2018

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Dear Samui Detox,

Thanks so much for everything – from all the 24 hour support, smiles, unbelievable massages (especially the anit-cellulite)… towels folded like elephants!

I couldn’t have imagined a better place to try my first detox – and now I have all the motivation to keep up the good work!

It’s great that guests arrive at all different times as well so that everyone can learn from each other and support each other – very special.

To anyone thinking about doing this – DEFINITELY do it! It’s much better and much more informative (you will learn unbelievable things about your body) than you ever thought.

I would definitely love to come back again.

Bron December 3, 2018

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My second time at Samui Detox and again I had a great time. Feel like a new woman after my detox and great massages. Thank you, Kim, Rachel and all the staff for looking after me so well. I will be back again next year.

Margaret Clark (New Zealand) December 3, 2018

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Well I finally arrived here after an eventful journey for a 14 day detox which was diluted to 11 days as I was not able to leave Australia due to a passport issue.  I was so happy to get here and get right into the detox. I have to admit; I had not really read all of the information properly or understood about fasting and colonics!

My first night, I was getting text messages from my friends asking how is it. My answer was:

I am stuck up in the Mountain with no food for 10 days, heaps of black stuff to drink, kidney tea, fresh juice, zapping parasites and cleaning out by colon – oh yes and then I have to clean out my liver at the end!

But all jokes aside, after the first 2 attempts at colonic irrigation, I got better and couldn’t wait for the coffee enema which I got on the 3rd night.

What fascinates me is how smoothly this has all gone.  I expected headaches and nausea but ended up sailing and sleeping through most of it and just listening to Kim is a delight. She helps you to relax and get into the zone. She runs a very professional detox retreat. When I get back home, already 5 kg lighter and 11 cm’s less around my waist, I know people will say “you look so well.”  I feel vibrant and alive and quite excited about the journey ahead – 5 more kg to go!  I will be back either for this or even better, if Kim does a Yoga Retreat – awesome. I also loved the group of women and men who were here – what a lovely warm friendly bunch.

Loved the yoga, massages and getting rid of parasite fish tagliatelle! Which I didn’t know I even had!

Thanks so much for helping me feel I can achieve my weight loss goals.

Annette Anderson (Australia) December 3, 2018

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This is Ryan. Everything written before me, I concur with, so just brief notes:

  1. 4th time detoxing with Kim
  2. Again fabulous results – 1 week fasting, lost 6.6 kg
  3. Staff again above and beyond the call of duty.
  4. Highly recommend sticking around for Gee’s cooking!
  5. Don’t worry about who will be here with you. By the end of the week, you will have conversations you can’t remotely imagine!

Thanks again.

Ryan December 3, 2018

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Dear Kim, Gee & team,

Words cannot describe, in the time I have, my feelings. It’s been an amazing 7 days. Have gone through so many emotions – downs – ups etc. but what I carry back with me is a feeling of immense happiness and energy. I came here not to lose weight, but to find an answer to the many many ailments that were making me extremely sad and depressed. I believe I have my answers.

Kim – I will never forget you. You are an amazing person and your Shiatsu massage is unique – I cannot describe it!

Gee – You are cool but so empathetic.

The Team – starting from Pot, Elle, Ann & Sho: you are special and very professional.

I could go on and on and on it’s been worth it and more and the 7 days will remain special for me.

With warmth, Aishath (Maldives) December 3, 2018

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Having decided on a detox, choosing the ‘right place’ was difficult. I picked Samui Detox from the array of websites, because the program was very organized and informative – exactly what I needed.

Never having detoxed before, I was very apprehensive but as soon as I arrived, I felt at home and very comfortable. All of the staff are a credit to Kim and Gee, most kind and helpful (as are Gee & Kim of course).

The organization was as detailed, totally spot on, always with flexibility when required.

It has been a roller coaster ride with highs and lows but what a wonderful experience. I fell it has been ‘life changing’ and can’t wait to spread the word to all my mates and colleagues, who I know will be very interested.

The setting here is breath taking, with no outside distractions, again making this a choice above the others. I am totally rejuvenated and look forward to my new lifestyle when ‘back to normality.’

Thanks to Kim & Gee and all the staff, I will definitely be returning.

Karen (UK) December 3, 2018

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On day 3, Kim presented the parasite workshop and on cue, tapeworms appeared in my colonic that evening and they continued to appear every day after for my 12 day fast and even into day 13 when I continued colonics.

I had come here because I thought the 14 hour days and stress had taken a toll on me. I had basically ignored huge number of parasite symptoms for years believing that how I felt was normal. I have been suffering with terrible headaches, chronic fatigue, often waking up feeling like I had not slept at all, insatiable hunger and cravings for protein, chocolate and milk, suffered memory loss, irritability, stomach cramps and weight gain (despite doing three 2 + hour out rigging sessions a week and running to work. I had seen a nutritionalist who put me on supplements and a diet plan, but this did not make me feel any better despite the number of pills I was taking.

I have learned a very valuable lesion – listen to your body and when you get the warning signs, act early. To have the number of parasite I did, means they have been there for a long time, draining my body of nutrients. I had been living like this for a long time.

I am very happy and fortunate to have come here to Samui Detox as there is such a strong awareness of parasites (which I know is not shared by all other fasting centres). A big thanks to Kim for giving me the tools to recognize and stop the cycle.

Thanks to all the staff – you are fantastic! The centre and program is so well thought out. Having a spotless bathroom and clean sheets really do make a big difference (especially for colonics). Yoga has been great – Kim - thanks for pushing us when the motivation levels weren’t quite there!

I’ve lost 8.2 kg in 12 days and I am now well within my target weight zone. Still have a few parasite to purge!

Thanks to everyone for making it such a fantastic stay,

Johanna (Australia) December 3, 2018

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To all the team at Samui Detox, I wish to start by saying a really big Kob Khun Kub (Thank You!)

My journey here begins as a 45 year old overweight so called successful business man, with high blood pressure and a body fat ratio of 36%. Colleagues and friends would often comment on my weight gain but then would quickly accept the story line that the constant alcohol fueled lunches and having to entertain clients etc. was a necessary and important part of my work. I too believed this story justified the damage I was doing to myself in the name of my family’s prosperity. The truth is, IF I continued down this road the grim reaper would soon be dusting off my number, it was time for a change.

I’ve never belonged to a gym or health club and had not exercised for years. Kim very quickly put me at ease, her smile, her voice, her personal attention to just me!

I’ve been here three weeks, healthy eating, a 10 day fast and some light to moderate exercise and of course – my favorite – the wonderful yoga (Mr. inflexible or what!)

My results are an 8 cm / 3 inch loss of my waist and a 10 kg / 22 lb loss in my weight, but most importantly of all, a few more years life expectancy.

Truly Kim is the young Mother Teresa of the Detox World (without the wrinkles). She takes in the unfit and the unclean and generously gives her personal timeless attention, love and wisdom and provides us with the knowledge and tools to extend and live a more fulfilled way of life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mark (UK) December 3, 2018

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Leaving the UK and heading for Samui Detox, armed with various e-mails/tickets and a stomach full of anticipation. Was I heading for Boot Camp!?

Having spent the last year nursing my thyroid problem and banging my head against the G.P.’s wall and getting no answers (sensible) as to why I couldn’t shift the excess poundage, I’d given in (almost).

Samui Detox, high in the Mountain – away from all the tourists and distractions – an absolute retreat. I can’t thank my hosts, Kim & Gee enough and the Staff, so kind and attentive. Everything so personalized. The seven days became easy and so I extended to 9!

Colonics, liver flushing, kidney cleanse – all terms very alien to me prior to my arrival – I leave here recharged, refueled with a fantastic mindset/education of how to continue my life’s journey – but in a much better Car!! Many thanks to you all for your hospitality.

Lost 11.5 lbs, 4 inches off my waist – what a bonus!

Until next time, Karen Nicolou (Colchester) December 3, 2018

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I came here to Samui Detox 12 days ago (first for 9 days, but I extended my stay) and was with 3 wonderful people from Holland and Australia and we all finished with a fantastic result – Samui Detox what can I say! It’s such an amazing ride!

When I arrived, I didn’t know what to expect, I just had two things in mind – lose weight and enjoy 100 % time just for myself away from my usual life – not that I don’t have a good life, I do, but I got to the point where I needed a break from what I call the ‘norm’ and I just wanted to do something positive for myself, purely me, nobody else!

I was greeted by Kim and the staff with such a friendly welcome, already I liked what I saw – such calm surroundings, away from the maddening crowds of Bangkok.

The 2 days I was on my own was just easy – it got me tuned up for the next 9 days fasting. Then everything started, taking supplements, shakes, yoga, meditation, massage, steam etc and delicious broth. I wouldn’t say it was easy – some days were better than others but our group was so nice and we all supported each other to get through it – we’d moan and laugh at the same time and of course, Kim is always here for us ready and willing to listen to all our feelings, worries and concerns.

My colonic experiences were something I will never be able to describe in writing – all I can say is I really think everyone should do it at least once or twice a year as it certainly clears out the system and gets rid of the unwanted impurities in our bodies.

To cut my testimonial short (as I seem to go on and on) the results of my detox is so amazingly fantastic – I lost 5 kg and 11 cm from my tummy – much more than I ever anticipated. Thank you so much Kim for helping me through my ordeal. Thank you to Pepita and Evelyn my fellow fasters and of course thank you to the wonderful staff who work hard attending to our needs and making our stay more comfortable.

I am ready to leave today because I miss my husband David and daughter Hannah but will be sad to leave knowing that Kim, Gee and the Staff will be left behind – I will miss them so much – ALL of you thank you so much. I will definitely be back, if not with my husband, perhaps my whole clan!!

Thank you and see you all again.

Gloria Simister (Expat living in Bangkok) December 3, 2018

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I arrived at Samui Detox and weighed in at 119 kg. When someone calculated this in stone (18st 9lbs) I was absolutely shocked.

I spent 6 days eating healthy and delicious food and then participated in a 15 day detox. I had no issues, complaints or pains detoxing and in fact found additional energy after my very first colonic. I walked every day except on the day of the Liver Flush and I joined yoga daily (to my wife’s surprise!).

My weigh in on the final day equated to a loss of 15.5 kg / 34 lbs. To sum up my experience, what Kim had in her brochure was correct; if you put in the effort you will have fantastic results.

Thank you Kim – this is a great kick start for me to lose more to reach my goal weight. What a great bunch of people we met during our stay.

Thank you all.

David Payne (Australia) December 3, 2018

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I had been suffering from Whipworms for 10 months. I had been to a dietitian who cost me 800 GBP to no effect. Whipworms were not seen in my original stool test via her so I was treated for Candida and another parasite instead. The test cost 245 GBP!!! Anyway after nearly going completely mad, I found Samui Detox on the google search engine. The testimonials looked really promising and the whole plan for detox / parasite purge was just what I was looking for. NOTE: I had 2 lots of Mebendazole (anti-worming) tablets via by GP – again to no effect. Low energy, itchy bum, insatiable appetite, poor concentration and digestive problems such as heartburn, flatulence and chronic constipation were the bain of my life for the last 10 months. IT WAS HELL!

So, Samui Detox here I came – with the fasting, fibre shakes and colonics to clear out my colon. I saw about 20 – 25 dead worms come out over the course of 4 – 5 days!!!! The Zapper had finally got my immune system to kill the buggers after 10 months of hell. I must say the Zapper did sound a bit bazaar but it bloody worked. Now I am feeling so much better, more energy, normal appetite and no more itchy bum! I also lost 4 kg after 7 days fasting so that was a bonus. The workshops and daily yoga were also fantastic.

Everybody who comes here and dedicates to the task will succeed. You cannot fail. Definitely a different holiday to any other holiday I have had and it’s been the best – it’s really valuing my life and putting myself first. I will never forget what I have learned and I am going to tell everybody about it because I think it is something we all need to do at least once in our lives.

The Liver Flush for me had fab results too. After about 10 years of abusing my body with Class A drugs and loads of booze, my Liver (gallstones) were enormous. So if you have done anything similar, you’ll definitely benefit.

On top of all that – the place in which Samui Detox is situated is just perfect for chill out and relaxation. Set on top of a steep hill, the views are great and the air is fresh with a cool breeze.

All the staff is fab – the massages are daily and are fab too for helping remove all the nasty toxins which build up. The food is healthy and delicious. What more can I say!!? Come and see for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed. 7 day Fasting is a good number and then I recommend 2-3 days of food – then go see the rest of Koh Samu while you are feeling at your best. Good Luck!

Thanks to Kim & lots of love, Heidi Tonkin (UK) December 3, 2018

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I’ve had a very tough year and suddenly found myself in a bad place, very low and suffering many symptoms related to stress and those covered on the program. The stress perpetuated over eating and drinking thus putting me in a downward spiral that I wasn’t sure how to get out of. G.P’s in the UK usually have little time (or inclination) to explore the cause of such symptoms and instead they treat symptoms.

I came to Samui Detox in hope of respite and to put myself back on track. I feel I have done just that.

Kim was extremely welcoming on arrival, knowledgeable and supportive throughout. She is organized but never imposing – a fine balance.

Having tried another detox resort on the Island last year, the difference at Samui Detox was stark. I thoroughly recommend Samui Detox.

I feel better within myself physically and clearer mentally.

A million thanks to you all – Kim and the whole team.

Alan (UK) December 3, 2018